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Anonymous asked:

I don't think we've seen the last of RobbiePan. Like you said, Robbie's been awful quiet. I think if he's gone for good, I think he would have said something like Parker has.I say the quieter or more vague he is about the show as time goes on.. that's a good sign. We may eventually get our answers after all. Unfortunately, we may be seeing Malcolm some. I'm hoping that somehow they become or are separate people. If Parker could say he was off the show I don't see why Robbie couldn't say. Do you?


Personally, I think if the writers’ intention was for Pan to be 100% dead and  for the viewing audience to walk away from the eppy understanding that, Robbie would have left us a good-bye message. The same thing happened with Keegan last week—people figured out the Blue Fairy wasn’t dead and gone for good because she didn’t say anything about being off the show.

Another reason I’m not buying that the stabbing actually took: Robbie mentioned in a recent interview that Pan and Rumple’s relationship would take a turn in 3b. How could that possibly happen if they’re both dead? Granted, it may just mean that Malcolm returns in 3b, and not Peter. But again: why wouldn’t Robbie bid us farewell? If the ‘Peter Pan’ persona really is dead he could at least acknowledge that. Maybe I’m just desperately clinging onto hope right now, but so many things about tonight’s eppy just smelt so fishy to me, I’m not ready to assume we’ve lost Robbie for good just yet. 


Robbie Kay as Peter Pan was one of the best things about Once Upon a Time in my opinion. His acting was flawless. You could actually see the evil in his eyes whenever he spoke, the sinister tone in his voice gave me shivers, and in his final scene, his facial expressions made me feel as if I were being stabbed as well. I love you Robbie and will always be looking forward to your future movies. <3

couldnt agree more

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